Sunday, May 16, 2010

Visitors from University of Cape Town

We were visited this week by Karin de Jager (left) and Mary Nassimbeni (Centre for Information Literacy/Department of Information Studies, University of Cape Town, South Africa). We discussed library and information curricula and our own work in information literacy. They talked about their own work in Information Literacy and libraries, including work with public libraries, school libraries and academic libraries; meeting with staff and students in the Department. Their published work includes:
- de Jager, K. (2007) “Information Literacy in Practice: engaging public library workers in rural South Africa.” IFLA journal, 33 (4), 313-322.
- de Jager, K. & Nassimbeni, M. (2005). Information literacy and quality assurance in South African higher education institutions. Libri, 55(1), 31-38.
- de Jager, K. & Nassimbeni, M. (2002). “Institutionalizing information literacy in tertiary education: lessons learned from South African programs.” Library trends, 51(2), 167-184.
- de Jager, K and Nassimbeni, M. (1998) "Roadmaps for the Highway: The Evaluation of an Information Literacy Training Programme for South African Students." Education for information 16 (2), 131-43.
- Nassimbeni, M. and Underwood, P. (2007) “Two societies: Duality, contradictions…and integration: a progress report on South Africa.” International information & library review, 39 (2), 166-173

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