Thursday, July 15, 2010

1500th post on the Information Literacy Weblog!

Yes, this is published post number 1500 on this weblog, which started in September 2005. Actually the Information Literacy Weblog itself started in 2003, using a different blogging platform which went kaput in 2005, so there have actually been about 2000 posts in toto, but 1500 is the number accessible to you on this one. I have celebrated by changing the template for the blog: a few minutes after pressing the change button I thought it was a ghastly mistake, but I think now it is an improvement. You can now see, on the right, if you scroll down, the tags I have applied to the posts (not always consistently, I'm afraid!) They are in frequency order. It is also now easier to follow or share the blog.


Peter Godwin said...

Fantastic achievement! Thank you!!Keep 'em coming!

Sheila Webber said...

Thanks Peter ;-))