Friday, July 23, 2010

Annual Georgia Conference on Information Literacy

7th Annual Georgia Conference on Information Literacy Conference takes place October 1st - 2nd 2010 in Savannah, USA. There is a very large parallel programme of presentations, panel sessions etc. on information literacy. Most contributors are from North America, but some from Europe etc. Sessions include: "Teaching Information Literacy through Senior Projects", "Assessing Information Literacy Skills Across the Curriculum and On a Budget", "Teachers, Partners, Co‐mentors: Collaborating to Improve Research and Writing Instruction", "Preventing Depression: Using Conflict‐of‐interest in Medicine to Teach Information Literacy", "Using Freely Available Software in Information Literacy Instruction", "Building a First‐Year Information Literacy Experience: Integrating Best Practices in Education and ACRL IL Standards", "Establishing and Teaching a Credit‐bearing Library Course", "Embedded Librarians in the Online Technical College Classroom: Collaboration Across the Curriculum", "Using Emerging Technologies to Teach Research: The Library/English Department Video Collaboration", "Healthcare Literacy in a Web 2.0 Environment", "Library Instruction Marketing: Planning and Assessment", "PLEase make IL instruction easy: Applying Educational Theory to Create Active Learning Lesson Plans", "Tackling the "Problem" Research Assignment: Strategies for Success", "Lost in Translation: Creating a Common Language for Information Literacy Across Disciplines", "Promoting Engaged Citizenship Through Information Literacy", "I Found it on Facebook": Social Media and the ACRL Information Literacy Standards", "The Commercial Side of Information Literacy: Using Commercials to Ignite Critical Thinking", "Yes, Virginia, You Are the Authority in this Wiki: Using Wiki Technology in the Writing Classroom", "Multiple Partnerships for Student Information Literacy ‐ Library, Writing Center, Faculty, and Administration", "Using Within‐Document Summaries for Selective Reading and Organized Writing ", "The Needs Analysis: The First Step in Library Instruction Assessment", "Librarians as Literacy Sponsors: The Connection Between Information Literacy and Writing", "Getting Credit for It: Constructing Information Literacy Credit Courses", "Teaching the Moving Image: Establishing Literacy Standards for Film and Video", "Digital Storytelling and Information Literacy", "Virtual Libraries to Support Information Literacy", "Collaboration Across Libraries: A Library Partnership to Teach Information Literacy", "If You Build It, They Will Cheat:" How to Prevent Cheating in a Hybrid Online Course", "Ethos, Ethics, and New Media: Becoming Effective Citizens in the 21st Century", "Critical Literacy as a Model for Navigating Online Information" The website is at
Photo by Sheila Webber: Weston Park, Sheffield.

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