Monday, July 05, 2010

CaRILLO: One day event for developers of information literacy teaching and learning material

This is an event being held on 3 August 2010 at the University of Birmingham, UK. This is working towards development of "a community of practice for librarians and educational technologists to share ideas and resources in creating, re-using and re-purposing information literacy learning objects. This event ... will be a day of talks and a workshop to exchange ideas and good practice and to highlight high quality resources already available." Speakers are:
Rebecca Mogg - The Information Literacy Resource Bank
Katy Wrathall - The SMILE project: repurposing IL material
Professor Tom Boyle - Using GLO Maker to create learning/teaching material
Nicola Siminson - JorumOpen and IL: finding and sharing resources
Catherine Bruen - Community aspects of the National Digital Learning Repository
Cost is £60. To book, send info on name, job title, institution, postal address, email, telephone number, and any special dietary requirements to by 20 July. Also please say which workshop you'd prefer: Finding resources to re-use/re-purpose; Sharing your own resources with others; Creating new resources; Re-purposing your own or others' resources
Photo by Sheila Webber: Balloons on Sheffield uni open day, June 2010

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