Saturday, July 17, 2010

Libri articles

New issue of Libri includes articles on information behaviour from the i3 conference held in Aberdeen last summer. These include:
- Albright, A. (2010) "Multidisciplinarity in Information Behavior: Expanding Boundaries or Fragmentation of the Field?" Libri, 60 (2), 98-106.
- Perttila, R. and Ek, S. (2010) "Information Behaviour and Coping Functions of Long-Term Unemployed People in Finland Libri, 60 (2), 107-116.
- Hall, H. Widen, G. and Paterson, L. (2010) "Not what you know, nor who you know, but who you know already: Examining Online Information Sharing Behaviours in a Blogging Environment through the Lens of Social Exchange Theory" Libri, 60 (2), 117-128.
- Harris, R. Veinot, T. and Bella, L. (2010) "A Relational Perspective on HIV/AIDS Information Behaviour in Rural Canada." Libri, 60 (2), 129-141.
- Eriksson-Backa, K. (2010) "Elderly People, Health Information, and Libraries: a Small-scale Study on Seniors in a Language Minority." Libri, 60 (2), 181-194.
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Photo by Sheila Webber: Glasgow Botanic Gardens, July 2010

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