Monday, October 04, 2010

Esther Grassian keynote on collaboration

On Saturday, in the virtual world, Second Life, I was helping Esther Grassian (Alexandria Knight in SL) deliver a presentation (by forwarding her SL powerpoint). She was delivering a "Real Life" keynote at the 7th Annual Georgia Conference on Information Literacy, called Dream a Little Dream of US... United for Success!; urging people to form partnerships within, and outside, their institutions. Impressively, she presented in Georgia (USA) and in SL at the same time.
Esther, an adjunct lecturer at University of California, Los Angeles Dept. of Information Studies & Information Literacy Librarian at UCLA College Library, is well-known in the Information Literacy field. You can find her keynote powerpoint, on her Information Literacy LibGuide (lots of other things there too!) at The link to the keynote is on the left of the screen. Some of the PowerPoint slides are blank, but you will see that every slide has full information in the notes area, so pull that up when you look at the powerpoints. Esther also published an accompanying bibliography and the Information Literacy Partnership IQ (Institutional Quotient) self test.
Chris Smith (Shamblesguru Voom in SL) did a short video with his reflections of the SL event at

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