Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meeting on indicators for media and information literacy (MIL)

UNESCO organised a meeting working on a framework of indicators to measure media and information literacy (MIL) internationally. The meeting attended by representatives of 17 countries, and held on 4-6 November 2010 in Bangkok, Thailand. It involved specialists from the field of media, information, education, curriculum development, psychometrics and statistics. A document had been prepared by Susan Moeller, (Professor, Director of International Center for Media and the Public Agenda, University of Maryland), Jesús Lau (Director of USBI VER Library, Mexico), Ammu Joseph (independent journalist from India) and Toni Carbo (Teaching Professor and iSchool Program Leader, Drexel University Center for Graduate Studies). It was decided that there should be two types of indicator:
"Tier 1 Indicators: intended to measure enabling factors that influence how individuals acquire MIL competencies and how well public and private institutions promote media and information literacy"
"Tier 2 Indicators: intended to measure MIL competencies for all individuals in a society with additional consideration for teacher trainers and teachers in-training and in-service."
There is a report at which also says that "The initiative to develop indicators to measure media and information literacy was spearheaded by the UNESCO Communication and Information Sector in cooperation with the UNESCO Institute for Statistics and the UNESCO Office in Bangkok. UNESCO is presently validating an action plan that was prepared and proposed by the participants of the meeting. The report of the meeting will be published by the end of this year."
Photo by Sheila Webber: I think I may have featured this photo before, but my university just grubbed this rose out of its flowerbed in one of their "neatening" exercises, so this is a memorial to how pretty it was ;-(

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