Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Reference Services Review latest issue

Volume 39 issue 1 (2011) of Reference Services Review is available in preview online
- Jennifer Hoyer: Information is Social: Information Literacy in Context
- Michelle Kathleen Dunaway, Teague Orblych: Formative Assessment: Transforming Information Literacy Instruction
- Sarah Park, Lori Mardis, Connie Jo Ury: I’ve Lost My Identity - Oh, There It Is... in a Style Manual: Teaching Citation Styles and Academic Honesty
- Andrea G Stanfield,Anne C Barnhart: When Coming to Campus Is Not an Option: Using Web Conferencing to Deliver Library Instruction
- Brook Stowe: "I Can't Find Anything": Towards Establishing a Continuum in Curriculum--Integrated Library Instruction
- Yvonne Mery, Jill Newby, Ke Peng: Assessing the Reliability and Validity of Locally Developed Information Literacy Test Items
- Cynthia M. Akers: ESULA: Changing Perceptions of the Academic Library through Student Activism
- Nancy Snyder Gibson,Christina Chester-Fangman: Librarian’s Role in Combating Plagiarism
- Scott Collard, Kara M. Whatley: Virtual Reference/Query Log Pairs: a window onto user need
- David Ward: Expanding the reference vocabulary: a methodology for applying Bloom’s Taxonomy to increase instruction in the reference interview.

Photo by Sheila Webber: autumn trees, Hailsham, November 2010

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