Friday, January 21, 2011

Eisenberg videos on information literacy

There are four Mike Eisenberg videos on the ABC-CLIO website, each of which is 12-15 minutes long, published last September. "Each vodcast is set up in a format where Mike answers questions that he has collected from students and colleagues around the country on various Information Literacy topics."

1. What is information literacy? Not surprisingly, he explains it (here, and in the other videos) in relation to the "Big 6" concept of IL that he has developed, and he also refers to the simplified "Super 3". He also stresses the ongoing relevance of IL

2. How to Implement an Information Literacy Program for example by working with a classroom teacher.

3: Accountability in the Information Literacy Program. He thinks of accountability in terms of comprehensiveness (should be IL at each level), predictable (same skills should be expected of learners), measuring IL success and being reported (e.g. on a report card).

4. The role of the teacher-librarian and the school library program which advocates the value of information literacy in schools.

Thanks to Mark Jones (who posted about this on the ALIApathways discussion list).
Photo by Sheila Webber: Sheffield University Information Commons at dusk.

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