Tuesday, January 18, 2011

IL and KM in NHS24 & other articles

A few articles from the Journal of documentation:
- O'Farrill , R.T. (2010) "Information literacy and knowledge management at work: Conceptions of effective information use at NHS24." Journal of documentation, 66 (5), 706-733
"The purpose of this paper is to explore theoretically and empirically the concept of workplace information literacy (IL) and its connections to knowledge management (KM), and to examine the applicability of the mainstream institutional IL frameworks (...) to the workplace environment." This was a phenomenographic study of staff working in the medical advice telephone service in Scotland, NHS24. "The paper highlights the importance of developing organization-specific guidelines for IL development, endorsing views of learning and information use grounded in socio-constructive perspectives and a consideration of context as situated practice. "
- Yu, L. (2010) "How poor informationally are the information poor?: Evidence from an empirical study of daily and regular information practices of individuals." Journal of documentation, 66 (6), 906 - 933.
- Robinson, L. and Mason, H. (2010) "The information-related behaviour of emerging artists and designers: inspiration and guidance for new practitioners", Journal of documentation, 67 (1). (not yet paginated) "Reports an empirical study of the information-related behaviour of emerging artists and designers." They used an online questionnaire with 78 artists. " The group have generally the same information practices as more established artists. They place reliance on internet and social networks, while also using traditional printed tools and libraries. Browsing is important, but not a predominant means of accessing information. Inspiration is found from a very diverse and idiosyncratic set of sources, often by serendipitous means. Their status as emergent practitioners means that their information behaviour is governed by cost factors, and by needs for career advice and interaction with peers."
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