Wednesday, January 05, 2011

LILAC draft programme

A draft programme for the LILAC (UK information literacy) conference taking place in April 2011 has been published: this is the parallel session programme and this is the list of posters I have had a paper accepted (Fostering health information literacy through use of a virtual world, Sheila Webber, Elizabeth Marripodi and Rossana I. Barrios) and a poster on Developing concepts of Information Literacy. I am also part of a panel session Information literacy: a tick box, skills list or a set of holistic, objective, intersubjective and enriching values? Colleagues here at the Information School at Sheffield University, Sheila Corrall and Pam McKinney, also got papers accepted.
Photo by Sheila webber: Young swan (bit too old to be called a cygnet?), Blackheath pond, December 2010

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