Friday, January 07, 2011

Three articles and a dissertation

I must confess that I found these when I was doing a vanity citation search on my publications:
- Kerr, P. (2010) Conceptions and practice of information literacy in academic libraries: espoused practice and theories-in-use. PhD dissertation, Rutgers University.
The complete dissertation is available from the pdf link at
- Bruce, C., and Hughes, H. (2010) "Informed learning: a pedagogical construct attending simultaneously to information use and learning." Library and information science research, 32 (4), Special Issue SI A2-A8.
There is a copy of this in the QUT eprints archive:
- Price, B. (2010) "Teaching Effective Literature Use Skills for Research Reports in Geography." Journal of geography in higher education. 34 (2), 247-264. "Results demonstrate that a relatively basic approach of explicitly teaching effective literature use can be effective and improve students' research report writing skills."
- Aharony, A. (2010) "Information literacy in the professional literature: an exploratory analysis." Aslib proceedings, 62 (3), 261-282.
Photo by Sheila Webber: a snowy campus today (former Jessop hospital, and the former church is a lecture hall and student accommodation).

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