Thursday, March 17, 2011

Communications in Information Literacy

Volume 4, number 2 (2010) of Communications in Information Literacy has just been published. The full text is open access.
- Teaching Matters: A Panel Critique of Budd’s Framing Library Instruction and the Author’s Rejoinder by Patrick P. Ragains pp112-128
- Why Information Literacy Is Invisible by William Badke pp129-141
- Expect (and Collect) a Response From Everyone in the Classroom by Karen Bronshteyn pp 142-144
- Information Literacy, Collaboration, and Teacher Education by Cindy Kovalik, Mary Lee Jensen, Barbara Schloman, and Mary Tipton pp145-169
- Source Evaluation and Information Literacy: Findings from a Study on Science Websites by Nora J. Bird, Claire R. McInerney, and Stewart Mohr pp170-191
- “Clicking” with your audience: Evaluating the use of personal response systems in library instruction by Emily K. Chan, Lorrie A. Knight pp192-201
Photo by Sheila Webber: Bird and blossom, March 2011

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