Friday, March 11, 2011


Last week two of my PhD students successfully completed their vivas! Shahd Salha has done a phenomenographic investigation into Syrian school librarians' conceptions of information literacy. She undertook two phases of interview and analysis, one before and one some months after a training course that she conducted. Shahd is shown in the first picture after her viva, with the External Examiner Bill Johnston and Internal Examiner Nigel Ford (as supervisor I just have to sit quiet in the viva).
Eva Hornung also used the phenomenographic approach to investigate Irish solo librarians' conceptions of Continuing Professional Development. Solo librarians are people who are the only librarian in their organisation. Her External Examiner was Dorothy Williams (second right) and Eva is far left. Congratulations to them both, and I will be blogging about their work more.


Kevin Ballard said...

Congratulations to your students! Congratulations to you too!

I would be interested to learn more about Shahd Salha's findings. Although I work in the K-12 school system in the U.S., I am interested in learning more about the concept of information literacy is understood by non-librarian educators in other countries.


Hinde said...

Great achievement Eva; Congratulations!

Hinde Lamrani