Thursday, March 24, 2011

Protecting public library legislation #savelibrarie

For UK readers: the Government has put up a consultation about a huge raft of legislation which it claims may be "burdensome" to Local Authorities: asking what should be kept and what ditched. This includes an alarming quantity of valuable legislation, including the legislation that says that local governments have to provide an adequate public library service. You have to give the reference number of the legislation and say why you think it should be kept or removed. The consultation closes on 25 April and is here: The key ones for libraries are:
Reference number: DCMS_027 [This is the reference number you fill in at the start of the questionnaire]
Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 Section 7
Duty: To provide a comprehensive and efficient library service. In fulfilling this duty, must have particular regard to the matters in s7(2)
Function: Secure provision of local library services

Reference number: DCMS_026
Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 Section 1(2)
Duty: To provide information and facilities for the inspection of library premises, stocks, records, as the Secretary of State requires.
Function: Necessary for Secretary of State to fulfil (requirement) to superintend library service [i.e. DCMS_27]

Reference number: DCMS_028
Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 Section 11
Duty: Supplemental provisions as to transfers of officers, assets and liabilities
Function: Provisions provide, for example, continuity of employment for transferring employees. This secures consistency across library transfers etc and in line with other local authority employment legislation
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