Friday, June 17, 2011

iSchool launch event in Second Life

This is a short machinima that I made highlighting our University of Sheffield iSchool launch event in Second Life on 13 June 2011.

The machinima was created by me, Sheila Webber (Sheila Yoshikawa in Second Life) and the music "Forest Dance" is released under a Creative Commons License by Butterfly Tea:
The speakers at the iSchool launch event were: Dr Lorri Mon (Lorri Momiji in Secoind Life); Dr Joe Sanchez (North Lamar in SL); Lyn Parker (Maggie Kohime in SL); Professor Nigel Ford (Nigl Forder in SL) and Sheila Webber.
"Second Life" is a trademark of Linden Lab. The iSchool website is at

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