Monday, June 06, 2011

University of Sheffield iSchool launch day in SL

On 13th June starting 11am Second Life time (which is 7pm UK time, 2pm EST, see for times elsewhere) we are celebrating the fact that we became an iSchool with a full programme of events in Second Life. You will need a SL avatar and the SL browser installed on your computer to participate.
- 11:00 SLT: Sheila Webber (Sheila Yoshikawa in SL), Senior Lecturer, the iSchool, University of Sheffield & Director of the Centre for Information Literacy Research. "Introduction to the iSchool and opening of the Exhibition"
- 11:15 SLT: Dr Lorri Mon (Lorri Momiji in SL), Assistant Professor, College of Communication and Information, Florida State University. "Libraries and social media." [Presentation in voice]
- 12.00 SLT: Dr Joe Sanchez (North Lamar in SL), Assistant Professor, School of Communication and Information, Rutgers University. "Reconfigurable culture: a journey through cyber ethnography." [Presentation in voice]
- 12:45 SLT: Lyn Parker, (Maggie Kohime in SL), Head of Academic Development, Sheffield University Library leads a text chat discussion: "The potential benefits of having an iSchool/ library network for information literacy." with special contribution from Esther Grassian (Alexandria Knight in SL), Information Literacy Librarian, UCLA College Library
- 13.30 SLT: Professor Nigel Ford (Nigl Forder in SL), University of Sheffield iSchool, and Sheila Webber launch the project on "Deep critical information behaviour", funded by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council [Presentation and discussion in text chat]
- 14.15 SLT: Close. Poster exhibition will remain on Infolit iSchool.
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