Monday, October 03, 2011

2 articles in Portal

Townsend, L., Brunetti, K. and Hofer, A. (2011) "Threshold concepts and information literacy." Portal, 11 (3), 853-869 .
"What do we teach when we teach information literacy in higher education? This paper describes a pedagogical approach to information literacy that helps instructors focus content around transformative learning thresholds. The threshold concept framework holds promise for librarians because it grounds the instructor in the big ideas and underlying concepts that make information literacy exciting and worth learning about. This paper looks at how this new idea relates to existing standards and posits several threshold concepts for information literacy."

Oakleaf, M., Millet, M.S., and Kraus, L (2011) "All together now: Getting faculty, administrators, and staff engaged in information literacy assessment." Portal, 11 (3), 831-852
"Trinity University has established effective strategies for engaging faculty, administrators, and staff in information literacy instruction and assessment. Succeeding in an area in which many libraries struggle, the Coates Library at Trinity University offers a model for libraries seeking to actively engage their campuses through 1) establishing a common definition of information literacy; 2) developing workshops and grants; and 3) engaging in campus-wide information literacy assessment using rubrics. Furthermore, a survey of Trinity faculty, administrators, and staff reveals facilitators and impediments to campus acceptance of collaborative information literacy activities that can inform the evaluation efforts of librarians at other institutions."
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