Friday, March 09, 2012

LILAC award nominations announced

Nominees for Information Literacy Practitioner of the Year award are: Emily Allbon, Law Librarian, City University Library; Judy Atkinson, LIS Manager, Royal College of Nursing; Emma Coonan, Research Skills and Development Librarian, Cambridge University Library; Christopher Gibson, Faculty Team Librarian, John Rylands University Library, University of Manchester; Andrew Walsh, Academic Librarian, University of Huddersfield.

The nominees for the Credo Reference Digital Award for Information Literacy are:
- The 23 Things Project Group for the 23 Things programme
- Julie Adams, Andrea Hatton and Kathleen Morgan for RefZone
- The CPD23 Project Team led by Niamh Page for the CPD23: 23 Things for Professional Development Training Course.
- Uma Devalapalli for the Patricia Bowen Library & Knowledge Service Current Awareness Portal
- Carol Elston, Jade Kelsall and Dave Burns for the Flying Start Project.
- Carol Elston, Jade Kelsall, Michelle Schneider and Lizzie Caperon for the Library Guide – an online introduction to the library
- Jade Kelsall and Michelle Schneider for the Plagiarism Tutorial
- Ella Mitchell, Simone Okolo, Erica Plowman, Sue Harrison and Cathy Walsh for the Info skills online tool
- Skills@Library Team, University of Leeds for the Skills@Library lecturer pages
- Jennifer Wilson, Susan Smith, Karen Fisher and Alison Park for the Little Book of Info Skills Online

The winner of the sponsored student place is Thasya Elliott, who is a Learning Resource Centre Assistant at Haringey Sixth Form Centre and is studying on the MA Information Management course at London Metropolitan University.
The winners will be announced at the LILAC conference in April.

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