Wednesday, June 13, 2012

IL for psychology students and pre-service teachers

Some recent articles from Behavioral and Social Sciences Librarian (a priced publication at We don't subscribe to it at Sheffield, so I can only go by the abstracts.
- Gordon, L. and Bartolia, E (2012) "Using Discipline-Based Professional Association Standards for Information Literacy Integration: A Review and Case Study". Behavioral and Social Sciences Librarian, 31 (1), 23-38. "This article describes the outcome of a collaboration between a faculty member and a librarian to integrate information literacy into a graduate counseling psychology program. This collaboration used discipline-based standards from a professional association (the Association of Counselor Education and Supervision, ACES) to provide instructional goals, rather than utilizing the more traditional Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) standards. The authors discuss how using the discipline standards allows for a richer, more authentic collaboration, especially in a graduate program geared toward students who are already working in their field. Ultimately, using discipline standards could be a more effective way to promote information literacy in graduate and professional programs."

- Lee, E., Reed, B. and Laverty, C. (2012) "Preservice Teachers’ Knowledge of Information Literacy and Their Perceptions of the School Library Program." Behavioral and Social Sciences Librarian, 31 (1), 3-22. "Graduating preservice teachers were surveyed regarding their knowledge of information literacy concepts, the pedagogy of information literacy, and the role of the teacher librarian and school library programs. The preservice teachers felt poorly prepared to teach information literacy to pupils, had a limited array of information skills, and held a narrow view of the role of the school library. In response to these findings, the education librarians revised their instruction to the preservice teachers by moving the focus from information literacy skills for teachers to strategies for teaching information literacy skills to K–12 students."

Currently they also have a call for papers on "Critical information literacy" reported at
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