Friday, January 11, 2013

LILAC registration and programme

Registration is open for the LILAC conference, and the draft presentation schedule is also available. The conference takes place March 25-27 March in Manchester, UK. Cost is currently (to 8th Feb) £384 inc VAT @ 20% (includes networking evening and conference dinner) and that is also the regular cost to speakers and CILIP IL Group members.
I will be presenting a paper co-authored with my iSchool colleague Professor Nigel Ford: Collaborating for deep, critical information behaviour (reporting on results of a funded project into information behaviour at the school and early university level) and also a poster Developing profiles for the information literacy professional.
My colleague from Sheffield University Library, Vicky Grant, coauthors a presentation with one of our successful PhD graduates, Liz Brewster: Creative pedagogies and health information literacy: the Storying Sheffield Knowing as Healing Project.
The programme is at and the registration at
Photo by Sheila Webber: Through the hedgerow, Hellingly, January 2013.

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