Thursday, April 25, 2013

New articles in Reference Services Review

Volume 41 issue 2 (2013) of Reference Services Review (priced publication) has the theme of The Role of the Library in Campus-Wide Recruitment Efforts. It includes:
- Bridging the Information Literacy Gap: Library Participation in Summer Transition Programs: Anne C Barnhart, Andrea G Stanfield
- Academic Library Participation in Recruitment and Retention Initiatives: Melissa A. Hubbard, Amber T. Loos
- Academic Libraries, Institutional Missions, and New Student Recruitment: A Case Study: Maggie Kopp
- Library and University Governance: Partners in Student Success: Vickie Lynn Mix
- Faculty-Librarian Collaboration in Improving Information Literacy of Educational Opportunity Program Students: Ma Lei Hsieh, Susan J McManimon, Sharon Q Yang
- Preparing Graduate Students for Graduate-Level Study and Research: Katherine O'Clair
Photo by Sheila Webber: Locust, outside Thessaloniki airport. I've never seen one that close before, it was alarmingly large. However, when it took off, a bird swooped down and I think that was that...

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