Tuesday, July 02, 2013

#CPD23 and CILIP PKSB #ub13

Next up for me at the CILIP Umbrella conference #ub13 in Manchester, UK, today was CPD23 and CILIP PKSB from Niamh Tumelty, Assistant Librarian, English Faculty Library, Cambridge and Jo Alcock,Evidence Based Researcher, Birmingham City University.
Niamh gave an introduction to CPD23, which I've blogged about before as I participated in the latest round. The "23 Things" concept is to enable professional development by identifying 23 things (e.g. blogging, using Youtube) that people want to learn about using, and to blog about one of these each week, setting tasks for people following the 23 things to do (e.g. create your own blog and blog about your progress in the 23 Things). Early versions were within one institution, but CPD23 opened this out, including some elements like "participating in professional associations" that were specific to Continuing Professional Development. It was also open to anyone who wanted to join in.
Jo then introduced the CILIP Professional Knowledge andSkill Base (PSKB) - CILIP is the UK professional association for librarians. The PSKB lists a lot of knowledge and skills that may be important in different library and information jobs. It is used for formal course accreditation and for people e.g. who are working towards cecoming chartered members of CILIP.
Niamh and Jo had mapped the activities in CPD23 onto the PSKB and found that CPD23 covered rather a lot of skill and knowledge areas. For example 70% of "Organising Knowledge and Information" skills/knowledge including "file planning" (through e.g. using Dropbox) and elements of "indexing" (through covering things like tagging). Elements like reflective practice and strategic thinking were covered, since a key aspect of CPD is reflecting on progress, how CPD23 is relevant to you and your practice, how you plan to use new skills in teh future etc.
This is the presentation:

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