Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Parent Information Literacy Programme #wlic2013

This is an initiative of the National Library Board, Singapore (which is the agency in charge of the national and public libraries), that was described in a poster (pictured) at the IFLA Satellite conference the week before last. Librarians from the three largest ethnic constituencies of Singapore worked with organisations in their respective communities (e.g. Chinese Development Assistance Council) to offer information literacy “Ace your project work” workshops for parents/ parent and child. As you can gather, it was emphasised how information literacy could directly help a child achieve in school. Although English is the official language in Singapore, the classes were offered by bilingual trainers in the appropriate language (Chinese, Malay or Tamil) to help parents whose English language skills were not so good. For this project they used the Big 6 information literacy model and 5 finger evaluation technique (Accuracy, Authority, Coverage, Currency and Objectivity).
The 2nd picture includes one of the trainers (Yashodha Devi Nadarajan, apologies to her, not a very good snapshot!) There is an advert for the workshop on this page (scroll down, you wil see there is also training for teachers) http://libguides.nl.sg/content.php?pid=280349&sid=2337859

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