Wednesday, August 28, 2013

SURE campaign of National Library Board, Singapore

The pictures here show some of the items that the National Library Board, Singapore have created around their S.U.R.E. campaign. SURE stands for Source, Understand, Research, Evaluate. You can see that it includes bags, ruler, water bottle, pens, notebook (with the SURE mantra on each page) and there is also a silver SURE umbrella.

I already mentioned the professionally produced SURE video that has a Holmes-esque story about an antiques conman, aimed at the general public, and the information literacy site here.
However, even more impressive than these are some of the initiatives that have been mounted to promote information literacy. 
For example, at the IFLA satellite conference there were displays from 3 sets of schoolboys, who were the finalists in the SURE Club Library Advocacy Book Display Competition. One display was explaining information literacy using the SURE formula, and in the other 2 displays the boys displayed their information literacy through the way they had researched information about the books they chose, and the issues around the books (one of these exhibits is shown here). The exhibits were also judged on their creativity and power to communicate.
I think I also understood that schoolchildren in Singapore had to do a certain amount of volunteer work, and volunteering at the library was quite popular, so that was another way of engaging young people with information literacy and libraries. On the first day of the conference a very enthusiastic and hardworking group of young women helped with the day’s organisation and then produced an enjoyable video about their experience which was shown at the conference dinner in the evening.

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