Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Research data literacy #ecil2013

Renee Schneider (Haut Ecole de Gestion, Switzerland) talked about Research data literacy earlier today at ECIL. He defined Research Data Management (RDM) (I will refer here to an RDM research project of my colleagues RDMRose). RDM is interested in raw data (as opposed to information) but obviously there is a relationship between them. The speaker identified that keeping the link between the data and its context is vitally important, or reuse becomes difficult. He identified the skills of RD literacy as being: Identify, scope, plan, store, protect, evaluate, manage, provide. He felt that any Bachelor student would need to be able to identify and provide, which might be covered in a couple of hours of teaching, whereas library students or higher degree students would need the full programme. He mapped out the different curricula using the metaphor of a metro line map, representing the different classes or programmes by different types of ticket (hopefully the pictures will give the idea)

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