Thursday, December 05, 2013

Flexible Pedagogies: new pedagogical ideas

This is a report from the UK's Higher Education Academy, as part of a project Flexible Pedagogies: preparing for the future. "The report identifies six 'new pedagogical ideas' for the future of an increasingly flexible HE which offer new pathways for graduate attributes or capabilities" These are:
- learner empowerment;
- future-facing education (helping people "to consider prospects and hopes for the future across the globe and to anticipate, rethink and work towards alternative and preferred future scenarios");
- decolonising education ;
- transformative capabilities ("using pedagogies guided by engaged, ‘whole-person’ and transformative approaches to learning");
- crossing boundaries (e.g. inter-disciplinary;
- social learning.
Flexible Pedagogies: new pedagogical ideas is at
Diagram copyright Higher Education Academy, York, UK

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