Friday, December 06, 2013

New issue of Journal of Information Literacy

Volume 7 issue 2 has been published. It has the following articles, plus conference reports and reviews.
- Being an embedded research librarian: supporting research by being a researcher (Clare McCluskey)
- Towards a model of critical information literacy instruction for the development of political agency (Lauren Smith)
- Integrated instruction framework for information literacy (Pamela Kessinger)
- Creating, sharing and reusing learning objects to enhance information literacy (Philip Russell, Gerard Ryder, Gillian Kerins, Margaret Phelan)
- Faculty and student perceptions and behaviours related to information literacy: a pilot study using triangulation (Barbara Jean Ganley, Amy Gilbert, Dianne Rosario)
- Faculty perceptions of students' information literacy skills competencies (Eleonora Dubicki)
- Rethinking library instruction: using learning-outcome based design to teach online search strategies (Meagan Lacy, Hsin-liang Chen)
- Confidence as an indicator of research students’ abilities in information literacy: a mismatch (Cathie Jackson)
- Longitudinal update: business information literacy teaching at different academic levels (Mariela Hristova, Cynthia E. Miree)
- Get the Digital Edge: a digital literacy and employability skills day for students (Emma Woods, Ellie Murphy)
- Chat Literacy: Reflection on approaches and methodology towards setting up a community of practice on information capability in an international context (Emma Rachel Greengrass)
- Information literacy in public libraries (Jacquie Widdowson, Darren Smart)
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Photo by Sheila Webber: yesterday was very windy.

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