Sunday, December 08, 2013

SL Journal club: Wednesday 11 December: Critical Theory for Information Literacy Instruction

Join us in the virtual world Second Life for a one-hour discussion of an open-access article. Led by Ewa Rozkosz (Documentation and Information Specialist , University of Lower Silesia, Wrocław, Poland, and Saba Pearl in Second Life) we will be discussing:
Doherty, J. J. & Ketchner, K. (2005). Empowering the Intentional Learner: A Critical Theory for Information Literacy Instruction. Library Philosophy and Practice, 8(1). Available at:

When: 11 December 2013 12 noon SL time (which is 8pm UK time and the same
as US pacific time: see for times elsewhere)

Where: Infolit iSchool Journal Club room, in the virtual world Second Life, You need a SL avatar and the Second Life browser installed on your computer.

Everyone is welcome to join the one-hour discussion. A Sheffield iSchool Centre for Information Literacy Research event.
The picture shows our last Journal Club, on 5th November.

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