Monday, January 20, 2014

Swedish information research

Last week I visited the Swedish School of Library and Information Science, University of Borås, to hold a research seminar, and in particular to discuss information literacy research with Ola Pilerot and Professor Louise Limberg. You can see lists of some of their recent publications if you follow the links I just gave, but I thought I would also highlight a couple of recent publications directly.

- Pilerot, O. (2013). A practice theoretical exploration of information sharing and trust in a dispersed community of design scholars. Information Research, 18(4) paper 595.

- If you can speak Swedish, an interesting new book about school libraries:
Limberg, L. and Lundh, A.H. (Eds.) (2013) Skolbibliotekets roller i förändrade landskap : en forskningsantologi. (The role of the school library in a changing landscape: a research anthology). Lund: BTJ Förlag. and in pdf form

They are both also part of the major Learning, Interaction and Mediated Communication in Contemporary Society (LinCS) project, which I think I have mentioned before. The focus of the research centre is "on issues of the relationship between learning and media, in particular how digital technologies and media transform how knowledge and information circulate in society, and the implications of these developments for learning at the individual and collective level."
Photo by Sheila Webber: my hotel last week, the Ibis in Gothenburg (the rooms are pretty standard Ibis rooms, but nice views on the river side of the boat)

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