Monday, June 16, 2014

New issue of Journal of Information Literacy

Volume 8 no. 1 of the open access Journal of Information Literacy is published. Articles include:
- Assessing information literacy programmes using information search tasks by Nikolas Leichner, Johannes Peter, Anne-Kathrin Mayer, Günter Krampen
- Bilingual workplaces: integrating cultural approaches to information literacy into foreign language educational practices by Alison Hicks
- The creation of a university library outreach programme to develop the information literacy of further education students: an interactive approach to support transition by Lisa Anderson, Stephen Bull
- Exploring the lived information-seeking experiences of mature students by Sarah Clark
- AMORES - Discovering a love for literature through digital collaboration and creativity by Geoff Walton
- Information literacy: a matter of course by Elizabeth Tilley
- Graduate information literacy in online education using the embedded librarian model by Lauryl A. Lefebvre, Martha C. Yancey
Plus conference reports and book reviews
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Photo by Sheila Webber: raindrops in June, Sheffield, 2014

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