Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Open letter to ACRL task force

Members of New Jersey's Information Literacy committees have produced an Open Letter Regarding the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education expressing their concerns about the proposed new ACRL Information Literacy Framework. The letter includes the assertions that "The current standards should not be discarded; they should be revised to be used in tandem with the Framework." "It is not counterproductive to map the IL Standards to the IL Framework." "The Framework is a theoretical document which makes it difficult to assess outcomes." "The entire framework is filled with jargon, especially the new definition of information literacy" and "The lack of parallel structure of the frames is grammatically jarring". It is available on a Google Doc at This is a rather more vehement opposition than anything I saw during the actual consultation period, though obviously I wasn't in touch with everything written about it.
Photo by Sheila Webber: All Saints Church, Sherbourne, December 2014

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