Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Second Life Infolit Journal Club 18 February 1pm SL time: Interdisciplinarity and IL

Join us in the virtual world Second Life for a one-hour discussion of an open-access article. Sheila Webber (i.e. me, Sheila Yoshikawa in Second Life) leads a discussion on:
Brunetti, K., Hofer, A. R. and Townsend, L. (2014). Interdisciplinarity and information literacy Instruction: A threshold concepts approach. In C. O’Mahoney, A. Buchanan, M. O’Rourke, & B. Higgs (Eds.), Threshold concepts: From personal practice to communities of practice, Proceedings of the National Academy's Sixth Annual Conference and the Fourth Biennial Threshold Concepts Conference (pp. 89-93), Cork, Ireland: NAIRTL. Available from (go to page 99 in the pdf)

When: February 18 2015 at 1pm SL time (which is 9pm UK time, see for times elsewhere)

Where: Infolit iSchool, in the virtual world Second Life. You need a SL avatar and the Second Life browser installed on your computer. Go to

Everyone is welcome to join the one-hour discussion.

A Sheffield iSchool Centre for Information Literacy Research event.
Photo by Sheila Webber, taken in Second Life

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