Wednesday, April 01, 2015

#ACRL2015 proceedings, presentations, tweets

The ACRL (North American academic librarians) conference just took place in Portland, USA. As usual there were sessions relevant to information literacy. The conference Twitter is and the hashtag was
There is a page with links to full papers from presenters (not all, I think, but quite a lot) at Examples of papers linked from this proceedings page (which are listed in alphabetical order of title) are:
- Information Use during the First College Year: Findings from the NSSE Experiences with Information Literacy Module by Kevin Fosnacht
- Leading Them to Water and Making Them Drink: Flipping Instruction by Laura Heinz and Donell Callender
- Measuring Our Information Literacy Footprint: Assessing Game-Based Learning in Library Instruction by Katelyn Angell and Eamon C. Tewell
- New Roles for the Road Ahead: Essays Commissioned for ACRL’s 75th Anniversary by Steven Bell, Lorcan Dempsey, and Barbara Fister
- Patterns in Information Literacy Instruction: What’s Really Going on in Our Classrooms? by Pearl Herscovitch, Margy MacMillan, and Sara Sharun
- Promoting Transferable Research Skills: A New Take on English Composition Assessment by Melissa N. Mallon
- Rethinking an Established Information Literacy Program: How Leveraging Assessment Data Can Improve Teaching and Promote Change by Katie Bishop and Eleanor Johnson
- Searching in the Wild: Observing Information-Seeking Behavior in a Discovery Tool by Heather A. Dalal, Amy K. Kimura, and Melissa A. Hofmann
- Self-Beliefs and Course-Related Research: Proposing an Expansion of the Imposed Query Model for Undergraduate Students by Amanda L. Folk

I also picked out a few links relevant to information literacy.
- The session on The Topography of Learning: Using Cognitive Mapping to Evolve and Innovate in the Academic Library, by Donna Lanclos and colleagues, garnered a lot of attention on Twitter. Here is the presentation and here is a storify by Maura Smale
- Shifting our Focus, Evolving our Practice: A Collaborative Conversation about the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education (slides from a panel by Donna Witek Danielle Theiss and Joelle Pitts)
- Promoting Data Literacy: teaching and learning with data in the undergraduate classroom (Adam Beauchamp and Christine Murray)
- Sustaining and enhancing embedded library instruction in the learning management system (Cass Kvenild, Kaijsa Calkins, John Burke, and Beth Tumbleson):
- A Libguide to accompany a panel on On Campus, Online, Off Hours: Librarian Strategies that Sustain Graduate Student Scholarship and Discourse
- Description of a teaching intervention by Jennifer Ditkoff: REMIX!! Teaching ethical issues related to digital information creation
This is the conference wrap video

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