Thursday, April 16, 2015

Journal of Documentation: taxonomy of literacies; Sadomasochism; credibility judgements;

The latest issue (online early publication) of the (subscription-only) Journal of Documentation (volume 71 issue 3) includes an article by my colleague Dr Peter Stordy which provides an analysis of various kinds of literacy using a matrix:
Taxonomy of Literacies by Peter Howard Stordy
There is also a research article on a less usual topic: Information Literacies of Self-Identified Sadomasochists: An Ethnographic Case Study by J. Tuomas Harviainen
and one on a perenially interesting theme: As simple as that?: Tween credibility assessment in a complex online world by Mega Subramaniam , Natalie Greene Taylor , Beth St. Jean , Rebecca Follman , Christie Kodama, Dana Casciotti
Abstracts at
I haven't covered JDoc for a while, so I'll also pick some articles from the last couple of issues
Koltay, T. (2015) Data literacy: in search of a name and identity. Journal of Documentation, 71(2), 401 - 415.
Kostagiolas, P. et al (2015) Music, musicians and information seeking behaviour: A case study on a community concert band. Journal of Documentation, 71(1), 3-24.
Hampson Lundh, A., Francke, H. and Sundin, O. (2015) To assess and be assessed: Upper secondary school students’ narratives of credibility judgements. Journal of Documentation, 71(1), 80-95.
Savolainen, R. (2015) The interplay of affective and cognitive factors in information seeking and use: Comparing Kuhlthau’s and Nahl’s models. Journal of Documentation, 71(1), 175 - 197.
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