Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Resources on pedagogy in higher education

Mick Healey is a long-established educational researcher in the UK. His website is a treasure trove of resources relevant to higher education (particularly in the UK). Through searching my own blog, I realise that I highlighted his bibliographies a few years ago, but it is worth mentioning them again as he continues to update them periodically (e.g. selective bibliographies on: Active learning and learning styles; Discipline based approaches to supporting learning and teaching; Pedagogic research and development; Students as change agents; Research-based curricula in college-based higher education). He also has substantial handouts from workshops that he runs e.g. one on Refreshing the Curriculum: Approaches to Curriculum Design (updated March 2015) and another useful item is a spreadsheet with a list of links to the archives of the former Higher Education Academy subject centres (which were centres in the UK focusing on pedgagy in different subject areas e.g. psychology, history, law; they all had some useful resources such as open access journals, teaching resources, but the centres were victims of government budget cuts).
Photo by Sheila Webber: fallen cherry blossom petals, April 2015

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