Friday, July 10, 2015

Critical Information Literacy; Discovery layers; games based approach

A few unconnected catchup links for Friday:
- An interview with Troy Swanson conducted by Brian Mathews: Practicing Critical Information Literacy. (published June 10 2015)
- Avery, S., and Hinchliffe, L. (2014). Hopes, impressions, and reality: Is a Discovery Layer the answer? Presentation presented at the annual LOEX meeting, Grand Rapids.'LOEX2014_'Hopes%20Impressions%20and%20Reality-AveryHinchliffe.pdf
- The Digilit Leicester project (in the UK) is spending £30,00 on a project to develop schoolchildren's ability to evaluate information as part of a "games based approach to information literacy". There is a local news report on it here: the deadline to apply for the tender to do the work is just past so the information seems to have disappeared off the Digilit site, but it is reproduced here.
Photo by Sheila Webber: celebration, July 2015

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