Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Reports from the EAHIL+ICAHIS+ICLC 2015 Workshop and i3 conference: 8 July in Second Life

What: Reports from the EAHIL+ICAHIS+ICLC 2015 Workshop (Health librarians) ( and the i3 conference ( both held in June 2015. This meeting is held in the 3D virtual world, Second Life.

Marshall Dozier (Pancha Enzyme in SL, and President of EAHIL), Sheila Webber (Sheila Yoshikawa in SL, who presented at EAHIL+ICAHIS+ICLC and i3) and Vicki Cormie (Ishbel Hartman in SL, co-organiser of EAHIL+ICAHIS+ICLC) will give their impressions of the conferences. This will include session highlights, reflections on organising the conference and feedback from delegates at EAHIL+ICAHIS+ICLC.

When: July 8 at 12 noon Second Life time (8pm UK time, see for times elsewhere)

Where: Infolit iSchool, in the virtual world Second Life. You need a SL avatar and the Second Life browser installed on your computer. Go to

Everyone is welcome to join the one-hour discussion.

A Sheffield iSchool Centre for Information Literacy Research event.
Photo by Sheila Webber, taken in Second Life

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