Friday, September 04, 2015

Gamification resources

A recently released "Infokit" on Gamification from JISC, authored by John Kirriemuir, is at and there is also a note from the author at
A couple of other useful resources:
- Educause. (2011) 7 Things you should know about gamification.
- Hamari, J. et al (2014). Does Gamification Work? — A Literature Review of Empirical Studies on Gamification. (conference paper).
- Kim, B. (2015). Understanding Gamification. American Library Association Library Technology Reports. Downloadable version at (subscription only) and a review at
- Perrotta, C. et al (2013). Game-based Learning: Latest Evidence and Future Directions. NFER Research Programme: Innovation in Education.
Photo by Sheila webber: hydrangea, September 2015

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