Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Links to #wlic2015

Today I was doing feedback sessions on the World Library and Information (IFLA) Conference that took place last month, and for that purpose I listed some key links, so here they are.

- 2015 Conference website
- IFLA Library, where this year’s full-text conference papers are uploaded: (click on “search” in the red area on the top left, and you have a form which allows you to filter in various ways, including by conference year)
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Flickr – in particular note the good set of poster pictures
- My blog posts
- Sarah Bratt’s Storify
- Thoughts of delegate Shaharima Parvin:
- Interview with Lambert Heller (in German) on his thoughts on the conference and on information literacy - one amongst many blog posts by the German biistories folk

Some statements and documents released during the conference:
- Statement on Privacy in the Library Environment “This new Statement on Privacy in the Library Environment is intended to give guidance to libraries and information services in an environment that includes mass surveillance by governments and routine user data collection by commercial interests that provide content or services through the Internet. Risks to library users' privacy might arise through their use of search or social media applications on the Web or their use of library platforms and content that collect data on end users.”
- Cape Town Declaration (as already blogged)
- New standard: IFLA School Library Guidelines, 2nd edition
Photo by Sheila Webber: apples and pears, September 2015

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