Monday, September 21, 2015

MOOC for librarians, on literature searching

There has been an invitation for librarians to register for the LIHNN (Library and Information Health Network North West (of England) Introduction to Literature Searching MOOC which "aims to provide librarians with the knowledge, skills and examples to provide an effective literature search service." It is a pilot project funded by Health Education North West and is targeted at:
- Health care Librarians (not students/users/clinicians)
- Librarians new to literature searching or wanting a refresher
- Librarians wanting to undertake CPD for CILIP accreditation or revalidation
- Librarians wishing to look for examples of how to deliver their search results
- Librarians looking for examples and ideas to evaluate the impact of their literature searches to provide evidence for the (NHS) Library Quality Assurance Framework

"Hosted in Blackboard CourseSites [you need to use Google Chrome or IE10], the content is broken down into 6 sections:
Week 1 ASK will look at how we refine the request from the user so we know exactly what we are searching for.
Week 2: will look at how we SCOPE the resources, to select the most appropriate source to undertake the literature search in.
Week 3: will look at how we can undertake an effective literature SEARCH using textwords and thesaurus terms.
Week 4: will look at how we can REFINE the search, techniques to narrow/broaden the search
Week 5: will look at how we can SUMMARISE the results of the literature search and how we can present these results to the user.
Week 6: we’ll look at how we can EVALUATE the quality, the performance and the impact of our literature searches to provide evidence for the Library Quality Assurance Framework, or LQAF."
It is scheduled to take about 1.5 - 2.5 hours a week and starts on October 5 2015
If you are outside the national Health Service, you won't be able to try out the demonstration searches, but you can still join the MOOC (free) Go to
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