Sunday, September 20, 2015

Purdue "data information literacy" studies

Purdue University has a number of sets of material that they have developed to teach data information literacy in different subject areas. "Each of the DIL case studies includes a description of the educational program and any accompanying supporting materials such as syllabi, lesson plans, rubrics, exercises or other learning objects." The most recent is:
Johnston, Lisa and Jeffryes, Jon (2015). Teaching Civil Engineering Data Information Literacy Skills: An e-Learning Approach. Data Information Literacy Case Study Directory, 3(1), Article 1.

Other case studies are listed at e.g.
- Teaching Data Information Literacy Skills in a Library Workshop Setting: A Case Study in Agricultural and Biological Engineering by Marianne S. Bracke and Michael Fosmire
- Developing a For-Credit Course to Teach Data Information Literacy Skills: A Case Study in Natural Resources by Sarah J. Wright and Camille Andrews
- Teaching Ecology Data Information Literacy Skills to Graduate Students: A Discussion-Based Approach by Brian Westra and Dean Walton
- Planting the Seeds for Data Literacy: Lessons Learned from a Student Centered Education Program by Jake Carlson and Marianne S. Bracke
Photo by Sheila Webber: hydrangea, September 2015

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