Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How Can Video Games Facilitate Information Literacy? #ecil2015

How Can Video Games Facilitate Information Literacy? was presented by Emmanouel Garoufallou and co-authored with Ioanna Pervolaraki (PhD student), Rania Siatri, Georgia Zafeiriou and Sirje Virkus is next up at European Conference on Information Literacy 2015 in Tallinn. They had conducted a systematic literature review on use of videgames in literacy, learning and libraries. They covered publications 2004-2015. The speaker summarised some of the benefits of "video game literacy", use of "video games in education", "game design benefit" (for developing critical thinking, creativity etc.), "Video games and reading and writing" (where research shows gaming can improve these skills), and use of video games in libraries (as discovered in the literature). In concluding, the speaker idenfied different levels of engagement in different countries, and the need for more training in this area for educators and librarians.
I will take this opportunity to advertise my article, since this addresses the title topic:
Gumulak, S. and Webber, S. (2011) "Playing video games: learning and information literacy" Aslib proceedings, 63 (2/3), 241-255. I've also supervisied numerous other Masters dissertations on information behaviour and videogames e.g. Cheng, Y. (2013). An Analysis of Gamers’ Information Behaviour in Computer Gaming Environment: improving the features of games. MSc Dissertation. University of sheffield. http://dagda.shef.ac.uk/dispub/dissertations/2012-13/External/Cheng_Y_Y60.pdf
Photo: another shot from last night's reception

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