Friday, October 09, 2015

Media and Information Literacy for sustainable development goals

A book which can be downloaded as a pdf is: Singh, J., Grizzle, A., Yess, S.J. and Culver, H. (2015). Media and Information Literacy for the Sustainable Development Goals: MILID Yearbook 2015. Gothenburg, Sweden: Nordicom.
MILID is Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue, a programme fostered by UNESCO and UNaOC. There are chapters from different parts of the world e.g.
- Li Xiguang, Zhao Pu, Ouyang Chunxue: News Kills: Media Literacy and Health Education
- Ogova Ondego: Media Wise: Empowering Responsible Religious Leadership in the Digital Age
- Jun Sakamoto: Intercultural Dialogue and the Practice of Making Video Letters between Japanese and Chinese Schools
- Dilara Begum: Media and Information Literacy in Bangladesh: A Case Study of East West University
- Forest Woody Horton Jr.: Muses on Information Literacy, Media Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue: A Coffee and Tea Shop Application
The photo shows the printed version which I got at the inaugural meeting of the European chapter of GAPMIL (Global Alliance for Partnerships on Media and Information Literacy), which is taking place at UNESCO HQ in Paris. I'm chairing the meeting on behalf of IFLA so I'm not doing any liveblogging, but I'll do a post afterwards.Find the book at

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