Thursday, November 26, 2015

Latest articles in Portal: assessment, ACRL Framework, undergraduate research

The last issue of Portal: libraries and the academy (volume 15 issue 4, priced publication) included
- Project RAILS: Lessons Learned about Rubric Assessment of Information Literacy Skills (pp. 623-644) by Jackie Belanger, Ning Zou, Jenny Rushing Mills, Claire Holmes, Megan Oakleaf
- Standing Alone No More: Linking Research to a Writing Course in a Learning Community (pp. 661-675) by Marcia Rapchak, Ava Cipri
- From Standards to Frameworks for IL: How the ACRL Framework Addresses Critiques of the Standards (pp. 699-717) by Nancy M. Foasberg
- A Survey of Instructional Support for Undergraduate Research Programs (pp. 719-762) by Merinda Kaye Hensley
- Learning by Doing: Developing a Baseline Information Literacy Assessment (pp. 747-766) by Stephen “Mike” Kiel, Natalie Burclaff, Catherine Johnson
Photo by Sheila webber: glimpse of beech leaves by Firth Court, November 2015

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