Friday, November 27, 2015

Play MOOC: Minecraft, play in virtual worlds #flplay

There is still a week or two left of the Futurelearn MOOC, Exploring Play, which looks at play from many perspectives (memories of play, play and disability, physical play spaces, virtual spaces etc.) Although there is more about young people and play, it does address play at different life stages, including as adults. Last week the discussions and material were about virtual play. I discussed various aspects of play and living in the 3D virtual world, Second Life. Chris Bailey talked about his fascinating research on Minecraft "The diversity of social play in a Minecraft club", and he has blogged about the experience:
Bailey, C. (2015, November 22). Reflecting on the Power of MOOC.

Embedded below is my video about types of play in Second Life (I present the video as my SL avatar, Sheila Yoshikawa)

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