Friday, April 29, 2016

Free information literacy e-book

Another free e-book arising from an information literacy class: Alison Hicks has edited a volume of essays from her class of library students (at the University of Denver), to form an engaging book aimed at librarians teaching information literacy.
Hicks, A. (Ed.) (2016). Got a minute? Instruction tune-up for time pressed librarians. Pressbooks.
The chapter titles are: Introduction: The next generation of instruction librarians; Librarians in Learning Management Systems: Strategies and Suggestions; A Busy Librarian’s Guide to Youtube; Visual Literacy in the Classroom; Really Really Ridiculously Good-Looking: Best Practices for Creating LibGuides; How one-shot library instruction is failing transfer students; Driving in a Parkway and Parking in a Driveway: Preparing for International Students in your Classroom; Teaching Technology to Seniors; Visible Thinking and the Implications for Instruction Librarians; Citation Managers on a Shoestring; Connect the Dots: An Exploration of Connectivism in Theory and Practice; Wake Up and Smell the Bias! Spreading Awareness in Library Instruction; Designing Asynchronous Content; Digital is Just Another Format: How Children’s Librarians Can Apply Traditional Strategies to New Media; Tale Blazers: Digital Storytelling in Library Instruction; School Library Topics in Two’s; How Intellectual Freedom Can Be Highlighted, Integrated,& Safeguarded in Modern Public Library Instruction; Health Literacy in Public Libraries; Using Digital Resources for Student Instruction; Library Burnout: Recognizing the causes and dealing with the effects
Photo by Sheila Webber: delicate cherry blossom, April 2016

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