Friday, April 29, 2016

New articles: visial literacy; research questions; library/publisher relationship; pedagogy

- Beaudoin, J. (2016). Describing Images: A Case Study of Visual Literacy among Library and Information Science Students. College and Research Libraries, 77 (3), 376-392. (open access) "This paper reports on a study that examined the development of pedagogical methods for increasing the visual literacy skills of a group of library and information science students"
- Donlan, R. and Sieck, S. (2016). Stop, Collaborate & Listen: How the Librarian/Publisher Relationship Can Facilitate the Development of the Information Literacy Curriculum. Collaborative librarianship, 8(1). (open access) "A librarian from the Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) and the Library Communications Manager at Taylor & Francis Group partnered to launch a collaborative information literacy pilot program focusing on assisting FGCU students and faculty navigate and understand the scholarly publishing process. This article describes how the idea was created, as well as steps involved in developing the publishing toolkit to help FGCU patrons. An overview of the pilot program was presented during the 2015 Charleston Conference as a poster session."
- Drabinski, E. and Walter, S. (2016). Asking Questions that Matter. College and Research Libraries, 77 (3), 264-268. (open access) (Discusses issues of research approaches and questions in the library field)
- Folk, A. (2016). Academic Reference and Instruction Librarians and Dweck’s Theories of Intelligence. College and Research Libraries, 77 (3), 302-313. (open access) "This article introduces psychologist Carol S. Dweck’s entity and incremental theories of intelligence and explores the prevalence of these theories in academic librarians who participate in reference and instruction activities."
- Greer, K Hess, A. and Kraemer, E. (2016). The Librarian Leading the Machine: A Reassessment of Library Instruction Methods. College and Research Libraries, 77 (3), 286-301. (open access) "This article builds on the 2007 College and Research Libraries article, “The Librarian, the Machine, or a Little of Bsoth [sic].” ... The study’s design and its results serve to contribute to discussion of best practices in information literacy pedagogy, online learning, instructional design, and the role of the librarian therein."
Photo by Sheila webber: stacked chairs, April 2016

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