Thursday, April 21, 2016

The varying conceptions of information literacy across an International Middle School community: Seminar

There is a free seminar on 3 May 2016 2-4pm at the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen Business School, Scotland: Only Connect: The varying conceptions of information literacy across an International Middle School community. The seminar is presented by Veronica Cunningham: "This seminar offers participants the opportunity to learn about the preliminary findings from a phenomenographic study of the ways seven different stakeholder groups including students, parents, teachers, library and IT personnel, administrators and leadership understand information literacy (IL). This study uniquely places the spotlight on IL from multiple stakeholder perspectives yielding for the first time a more comprehensive understanding of IL in an international school context. The seminar also serves to provide a platform for participants to explore the implications of these findings for professional practice in the Library and Information profession, curriculum development, professional development for staff and faculty, home school collaboration around IL learning and organisational learning. The study's author Veronica Cunningham has worked in different countries in the field of international education in the library and information and curriculum development areas. She is currently based in Oslo and is undertaking this research as part of the Doctorate in Information Science Degree Programme. The research and its findings are currently in the final write up phase and are of relevance to those concerned with shaping, leading and implementing IL strategy in learning communities worldwide." Email Agnieszka Kruk-Omenzetter ( if you wish to attend. Map and travel information are here.
Photo by Sheila Webber: windblown cherry blossom, April 2016

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