Monday, June 27, 2016

Espaces publics numériques #2ndEURMIL

More liveblogging from the 2nd European MIL Forum. Amélie Turet, President, French Society for the History of Youth and Sports; Member of the research network ANR TRANSLIT, talked about MIL in French libraries and media centres. She described the public digital access points "Espaces publics numériques" there are 1200 in libraries (as well as ones elsewhere). Turet had carried out research into "professional and activist identity of the players in digital transformation": one issue was librarians not seeing themselves as having the appropriate skills. Indeed, they have had to develop the role of "digital mediator", with people who are not librarians obtaining one of a range of (I think) diploma-level qualifications to build on their existing digital skills. Nevertheless, despite this and other issues, there were important opportunities to develop libraries and librarians further in this role.

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